PileWest – WA’s Piling Specialists

Since 2010 PileWest has led the way in providing a wide range of piling solutions for a number of clients across our great state. Our Goal is to deliver a quality piling solution for your next project that will exceed any expectations. From intelligent design all the way through to fast, efficient and safe installation, we will deliver piling on time and on budget. 

Over recent years PileWest has sought ways to expand it’s capacity to provide high quality Piling Solutions and manage a wider variety of Piling tasks. Correspondingly, In December 2018 Pilewest became a business unit of Roam Engineering which has drastically increased the resources, knowledge and expertise at our disposal. This will allow us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve for our customers going forward.


Steel Screw Piling

Screwpiles also known as helical piles have been used in construction for over 200 years with early versions being used for lighthouse structure foundations. Developments in materials and installation equipment in the last 15 years have seen screwpiles become a versatile and efficient alternative to conventional piling techniques.

Soldier Piling

Soldier piling is a retaining wall solution that is effective in ground conditions which range from stiff clay to rock where it is not practical to drive lightweight sheet piling. Soldier Piles can be used as either temporary shoring or permanent walls and may also be designed to carry building loads.


Mechanical Anchors can be installed to increase the retained height on sheet pile or soldier pile retaining walls. Once installed anchors are completed, anchors can be directly load tested using hydraulic jacks.

Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is a form of driven piling using thin interlocking sheets of steel to obtain a continuous barrier in the ground. The main application of sheet piles is in retaining walls and cofferdams erected to enable permanent works to proceed.

Solar Piling

Pilewest is well equipped to test, design, supply and install the optimum piling solutions for solar installations throughout